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Well now... it's a thursday... some lil'hootie here in Lj land kinda got me thinking today...
but I'll come back to that!
First order of business is that is is a survivor night = good night for me! This will mean that I will go into hybernation away from Lj 'cause I tape the show and I don't wanna see anything that gives away plot elements... Then at 8:50 I'll sneak into my garage and remind myself why I got such a kick out of magenta saying "spliferific".
I should be "just right" by the time Z and I start ff'ing through the commercials... I'm kinda leaning on the popular theory that Mike (gone native boi) burns his hands... and has to be rescued... but I'd much rather it be Nick getting consumed by a croc. What a useless boob...
A friend at work proposed that if someone on Kucha gets 86'd off the show... then they'll loose the immunity challenge and the show (read: Jeff) will allow them to vote for the person that got hurt... hence no one else goes at council... I wonder... My initial reaction is naw... that'll make too much sense.. .but they did a good job of surprising my with the Tie Vote thing...
So, anyways... seems I'm on a pretty cool wavelength with my pal the lover of pugs. I mean besides that fact that she's such a hottie and all smart, successfull, intelegent... did I mention beautiful, she lives in a place WHERE THERE IS NO SNOW. Kristy ... you are da bomb baby... what a super sisstah! what a soul sisstah! word. (erp) <- "erp" just cause I like saying "erp".

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