Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

See... lunches for the boys are kind of a challenge.
Give too much and they eat nothing... except whatever was "dessert" like.
Give 'em too little and ... well it's too little.
... and that isn't even touching the "do they like it?" issue.

They like grapes.
I stood there in the grocery store yesterday...
eating a green grape... then one of the reds, then a different red...
back to green... second red...
I buy a bag of the other red ones.
... and this morning I include a handful of grapes in each of their lunches.

When I get home from work, I'm always curious about what they ate in their lunch.
... and there on the counter is the open little-tupperware thing with the grapes.

Apparently Geo wouldn't eat them because they looked mushy.
Little wrinkles on them I hadn't noticed...

"But these are delicious!"
I grab one and bite through it... it's crisp... juicy and delicious.
This of course, makes no diff to Geo.
The right idea would have been to have him eat a few at breakfast,
so he had the notion that they were good in his head.

I suppose the moral is that you never know how something tastes,
until you wrap your lips around it, wrinkles and all,
chew it a bit and suck all the juice out.


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