Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

~ absolutely struggling... with a "upgrade the pc" issue.
It's her computer and I have every confidence I can do what ever... it's just the what that's driving me bonkers.

I like the cube like cases that flogs...

and the Antec but the only pack a 250 watt ps and you have to use a microATX form factor main board.
I'm assuming there are good and bad boards out there... but I'm paranoid.

I've been looking at ASUS boards... I wont buy another MSI ... so what else?

And if I don't go with a MicroATX ... then I'm still struggling to decide if I should go with a new case or stay with the mid-tower (that's not mini tower either).
We have two mid-tower cases and they ... kill space. Basically that's what it's all about is space.

But if you use a slim or small case.. then you put that "on" your desk instead of under it... so the problem just starts over again.

Any advice about microATX main boards? Issues?

Point me at links to other computer case manufacturers. I want to see some innovation ...
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