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The Amazing Race 6 Pre-Show Review.

Amazing Race 6 Pre-show!!

This Tuesday (November 16)... a new race kicks in. Eleven teams that all seem... somehow... to... be... people... you... ... already know? The black couple, the models, the old dead couple, those that could be gay, them’s that deeefinately not.  Same ol line up but it’s still going to be a great race... The show has hit it’s stride and riding that wave can’t be too difficult.  I have every intention of doing a little write up about each episode and I thought I’d start off with a quick ... very quick... run down of the teams.  I’ll always protect the plot spoilers with an lj-cut tag and I will almost always be kinda heartless about the players. 

Adam & Rebecca ... besides this losers stupid little hair clump horn things these guys are dry white toast.  (man... the things guys do when they realize they’re going bald is baffling!)

Avi & Joe... Again with the two jewish guys from New York? (said with a nasal thing go’en on). So I’m thinking the race doesn’t have a leg through the West Bank this time around...  are they gay? Or just really really gay looking?

Don & Mary... The "really old couple". They have something like fifty thousand grandchildren or something (ok, so it’s 16) and they’ve traveled extensively and are really smart and ... they’re still gonna cave under the grueling demands of the race. Meanwhile we will have to put up with little stories about their grandkids.

Freddy & Kendra... ahhhh... Engaged models!  She’s got those eyebrows that scream daily maintenance. I’m sorry... but "engaged models" has always equaled "cumulative mental prowess of a kettle drum". We’ll see.

Gus & Hera... Hera? Who calls their kid Hera?  Oh... an ex CIA, flies to the north pole in an open cockpit black dude named Gus... that’s who. Riggggght. What’s a cubit?  Dude’s got a Michelin All-Season Radial around his waist and she’s got big issues... so lets watch her try and impress dad.

Hayden & Aaron... I thought Aaron was a boys name? Oh wait... I thought Hayden was a boys name... They say they’re ex models... but maybe they were "hand models" or something. They met, like, eight months ago. Most people have hang nails older than this relationship.

Jonathan & Victoria... oh spare me... These are the ones that are here ... on a stressful, sleep depriving, adrenaline rush of a show... to "get their relationship back on track".  Let’s call them Pathos One and Pathos Two.

Kris & Jon... He surfs... she was a go go dancer in a "nightclub", but Rico went a bit to far Tony sailed across the bar and then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two, there was blood and a single gun shot  but just who shot who? No really...

Lena & Kristy... The cute blond sisters..., one a former striptease aerobics instructor (which conjures up so many images that I have to just stop for a second and let my head settle down).  There will be running... and jumping...

Lori & Bolo ... The pro-wrestler dude with no neck and one freaky big head and the (not kidding here, ok?) "barrel horse racer" chick.  That "barrel horse" thing... That’s like, her "job".  They have eight dogs whom they consider their children.  Clearly they are crazy people and will create much humor.

Meredith & Maria... enemies that became friends... yeah ... okay... and one is a "registered sales assistant".  Not just a regular sales assistant... no... She’s a Registered Sales Assistant, like ... the mind boggles... Their bio’s read like they’re a couple of stoners so we’ll see.

... and that's it.
(see ya on Wednesday's... usually)

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