Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ mental flash forward to the moment of my death
noting only that it comes in the form of Edward
tapping me on the shoulder while I sit at the computer
an hour he's theoretically fallen asleep for the night.

~ we have promotion testing in three weeks
(at tkd) so we're all into the panic of remembering all
this stuff.  gah... of course, George hardly cracks a
sweat remembering all of it. Kids get "stamps" on their
belts from the Sabum Nim and they have to get 9 to
be allowed to test for their green. The adults just
get told "you suck" or "you're in"... but that's beside
the point... George got his invitation (9 stamps) to
test today and if you remember last year... well this
was a pretty big deal to him.  ~beams~

~ this years school pics of the boys...  just little ones...
[ :: george :: ]  and  [ :: edward :: ]
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