Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 14

Well yesterday was a day for the big book of big days. :D
We got up a tad early for a Saturday... and lo and behold... Window Guy actually shows up on time! :)
Bathroom window is replaced and two others have been measured and noted for replacement... the 10 year warranty on our windows is up this year so we're getting all the windows with broken "moisture seals" replaced...

I played a bit o'game cube with the boys... then it was off to the Pantomime.
We felt a lot like we were at a school play kinda thing... it was a Local Community Association "presentation of..." so it wasn't hi-brow stuff. You know on Desperate Housewives... that lady that was running the School Play thing and being all Miss Katy ClipBoard about it? Yeah... so I can see her at this community association. :D  Any ways... there was the requisite "prop" wall that fell over... poorly understood singing voices... a hilarious guy dressed up as this woman... a few women dressed up as men... and endless slew of very tiny little kiddies dressed up as chix (baby chickens!) and for all it's silliness... When it ended and we were walking to the car... George chimed in with "That was the best show I've ever seen...!" (this from a kid that totally dug Disney World).  So bottom line... It was great gobs of fun. :D

[ :: dude dressed up as a woman :: ]   
[ :: the cast performing a song at the end :: ]

So... that ended and it was home to an easy supper and my nephew coming over to spend the evening playing with the boys.... while my bro and my ssil went out to a party... The boys had more fun than is probably legal. :)

Oh... and I was cake boy... a nominal affair with a couple of small choco layers that I put in the freezer a while ago when I made cup cakes.
The result...

... and click [ :: here :: ] to see a quick animation of the process...
It went from a couple of frozen layers... I made custard... choco custard for the layer and then butter cream icing for the top and sprinkled with choco.
Of course... the whole point of choco cake is to make people smile... so I fed most of it to the boys. :)

West Wing (finally) and a some fooling around rounded out the night and we both passed out in the family room ... :D

~ pj pants
~ very old p-z sweater...
~ shower... shave... stuff like that...
~ shop for a gift for my SSil (sorta sister in law)
~ tkd at 3:00...
~ dinner at my folks (SSIL birthday and Geo birthday with my family) tonight...
~ devastated housewives tonight... er...
~ to send out BIG BIG thank you's to you neopet friends for giving George HUGE smiles ... geez I love the way you guys are...  *big happy sigh*.
~ some congrats out to justholly on passing three months as a non-smoker...
~ that better health finds my friend circlek...
~ for a good day for acoolsecretary's Sarah.
~ and plenty of big, hug like, good vibes out to no.
~ and ps. Geez you rock ... kumi. :) (me = smiling for you and all about you).
~ and my biggest wish? That I had time to scroll back through all of Saturday... but alas... earwax.

// So all them peeps out in the land of sand are worried that the death of the Prez For Life will bring about instability.
Really.... hmmm.
*cough* ... dudes... a bird flying into a window brings about instability in the middle fucking east.
Just say'en... what the hell do any of you expect? You train your kids to hate... you value hatred above all else.
Now deal with it. Losers.
Oh... and you gotta love an official "police force" that thinks it is any kind of normal to shoot your automatic weapons into the air when the crowd is freaking them out.  Sweet mercy... the fools lead the foolish.

Please note: familiarity breeds contempt... The oldest friends are the ones that have earned the greatest respect... and I do know that.

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