Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

choruses of "daaaaaad... daaaaaad... George... Edward... is copying is copying me me"
chased me up the stairs at their bed time... you had to be there I suppose. :)

moments earlier I had been doubly
entertained by the children - literally
vibrating with excitement - showing
me this vast rubbermaid bin with a lid...
"Dad! LOOK AT THIS!... these are OURS!...
and we found it back there!" gesturing
to the zone... the back room...
the furnace room.  So many moments
rolled together.  The furnace room!
Times were that I could lay sheets of
m&m's out in the furnace room and be
assured of their safety... because the
boogy man or some such was in the
furnace room.  The bin? One
of a few in fact... each resulting from
a "Clean this up or everything left on
the floor is getting packed up and put
away!" thing at some point in the past. 
I wondered when they'd find any of
them. :D  They're innocent excitement
kind of disassembled any attitude I
might have had about the reasons the
toys were put away.  At bed time...
they almost left the bin contents
scattered about the floor around the bin...
but we had a wee talk about that. hahaha...

Artimus Fowl is the bedtime reading with
Geo and we've just put that down...
yes, it's 10:30.  sue me...
we've all been having a fun night. :D

They're all tucked and a'bed...
Time to go make fresh coffee. :D

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