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Well clearly my friend Krizsa is wearing a little less today than usual!!! :D
(ps. whatever is making you low... no fair and I hope you climb back up...)

~ b.u.m. equip boxers (swing low sweet chariot!!!! yea ha!)
~ swish swish pants (charchol grey with a zillion pockets)
~ fav dark blue t with white accents...
~ dem big shoes 'gain.

~ to leave for a clients site any second... and kill half the day there...
~ to really enjoy watching survivor tonight... (it's a good thing they used a helicopter to rescue whoever got hurt... cause if they came in with a horse or something to carry the wounded... Mike would have killed it for food!)

~ my pal debby gets to ream someone out on the phone today - this is gonna make her feel way WAY good.!!!!
~ my friend Laini is feeling well and doesn't worry about Monday... everything will be alright... 'cause you are stronger...
~ Ladyfire (Lisa - the really cool Norway Picture girl) finds the strength she needs... she misses her love and that's gotta suck.
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