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Another Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Allyn

I cannot even recall when I met this guy but if you don't know him on Lj... you're missing something fine!

Top 10 reasons to want Allyn to have a great Birthday!!
10. He lives in Cali... and after yesterday in Seattle... well, the clocks ticking...
09. This guy is a fantastic supporter of his main squeeze and wonder-girl Jodi.
08. Some cali boiz live'en on the cusp of art actually dress-up real well... Allyn is one for sure...
. (OK, note: I had every intention of linking back to a cool picture of Allyn and Jodi dressed up for their Christmas party but the picture is gone.
07. Any couple that hair-colours each others hair deserves well wishing on birthdays...
06. He has remained my Lj friend despite the fact that I kept getting graphic about the recent vasectomy!!! :D
05. Did I mention that he has great hair?
04. Did I mention that his main squeeze (Jodi) looks like somebody from the movies?
03. This guy can cook!!! always give well wishes to people that can cook and live in places you want to visit!
02. (shhhhh no. 2 is top secret!!)
01. And the number one reason that I want Allyn to have a great birthday? The guy is a witch! Exactly how many bad reasons are there to have witches on your friend list? None!

Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birdday to you... Happy Birfday dear Allyn... Happy Birthday to you....

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