Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I am forever struck by the awesome irony of me helping George with his spelling homework.
I despise the notion that words should be spelled correctly.
If it was really all the important to spell things properly there would be a u in nephew and pseudo would simply not exist.*

Breaking news: Edward has been having a rare meltdown for the last hour. He's a tired boy... although telling him this is apparently the same as telling him to scream and cry some more... It started with a part of Geo's homework being kinda crafty... so Ed wanted to do it too... except it um... didn't work out the way he wanted.  You have to understand... the issues and facts are irrelevant. He was just inconsolably crying and need to be talked down Needless to say, I've spent the last half hour making paper clocks and glue-sticking them to coloured construction paper...

Time to get kiddies to bed and to watch some taped tv... :D

* pseudo holds a special place in my heart... Mrs. Bousada, my grade 8 home room teacher and english teacher handed me a two inch thick dictionary and, in a bit of a huff, told me to look it up for myself and not to come back until I had found it.  grrrrr...

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