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Note: spoiler from the finally of The Mole in here...

hey Lj... long day today.
wicked long night... ug! (that should be a ugX5)
Ed was sound asleep on the couch (sofa) when I got home from work at 5:30. He had been since 3:30 and he stayed that way till 7:30... THEN he woke up.
Well! (said with a big dramatic exhail)
It's cool when your kiddies are still little enough that when you describe them as "giving you some lip" what you mean is the "I am definately, absolutely about to start crying" bottom lip is sticking right out there.
Saw lots and lots of "lip" tonight. Ed finally went to bed and fell asleep between crying jags* at... i guess around 11:00. Very late for Ed... huge late.
It's no contest - for me - that the show "The Mole" is the best concieved of the current crop of reality TV shows... regardless of how well they pulled off the series, it's got the most "game". I was totally impressed with the info they dished out during the final episode. And Katherine? wow. she did a great job as the mole. My favorite line from the whole series has got to be her diss'en the boiz (Steven and Jim) about the "three hotel room" challenge... "And there they were gabbing on the phones like a couple of school girls." But those guys... the plotting they had to do! wow. Lets team up, and focus on Katherine being the mole and convincing everyone else it's one of us and pick 'em all off. wow.
Temptation Island was a utter waist of air. Sorry... but I love to watch people suffer that actually competed and ultimately begged for the chance to suffer in front of a camera... but this show only had maybe 3 memorable moments and you had to really stretch for those... and the finally was awful.
ps. billy? how many times can someone get the letter L tattooed on themselves before they start to overlap?
Anyways... g'night lj... I've been reading soo many new people lately ... it really feels like a major new chapter in the big book of Lj. It's nice. My Lj buddies really manage to make my days... there's always something ... You people kick ass!
peas all over (with butter... more slippy that way).

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