Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

The November Club

The November Club

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday
to eachl of my friends celebrating this month.

I am always surprised when I notice to what
extent my friends in lj don't know one another!
You are all such good hearted people and it's a real
pleasure to have any chances to share our time...
thank you for your friendship.

~ and sorry, no lj cut... birthday wishes don't get cut man...

November 1 canuckgirl I hope you had a wonderful birthday dear Cathy and that this year brings you towards something stable in the career path. 

1 summer_flowers No biting!! Have a great year and I hope you had a wonderful day. May you find a moment that will divide your life between then and now. 

1 choco_orangutan Hi sugar... Happy Birthday (late! sorry) Sugar-Ni. I have no excuse for remembering hers and not yours... just a big brain dead moment... but that doesn't change the fact that I am most sincere when I say that you are truly important to me and I will always care. You have been so freaking kind and patient with me... both of you have. It's really very nice to have met you guys. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful year. :)

2 rose_maiden I know you are attending to the important things sugar-rose, but I'm allowed to miss you. :D . I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

4 webdiva Happy Birthday Kelly!! I'm so glad I ran into you... :D I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and maybe that you find a pleasurable surprise or two sneaking up on you.

5 costello1177 Happy birthday Elaina. I hope your hopes for this year ... your plans... are every thing you hope and more.

5 militantmomma May you find all the time you desire to be with your main squeeze! Happy birthday sugar... and I hope you have a great year.

6 amyliscious Happy birthday super-a. I know you’re out there somewhere... I hope you have a great celebration and a grand year!

6 harleydog Happy birthday sugar... I hope you and your main squeeze have a great year together and that you find every success in your studies... and remember to stop and smell the roses. :D

6 murflegirl Happy birthday lil’sugah! I hope you reach your goals and that a few of them reach right back!! :) Have a great year sugar-v.

6 no1topaz Well now... a birthday to kick off year number one as the Mrs No1topaz!! May this year bring you and your husband great opportunity and mountains of hope for the future. It's an exciting time for you, I'm sure... and I'm just as sure you're going to have a very happy birthday.

7 ehme Happy birthday sugar-a. I hope you and matt have a great year ahead, and that you enjoy your birthday emmensly!! Just think... six more years or so and you'll hit your sexual prime... good lord... !

7 nortacon Got yer helmet? Cool! Now believe me when I say, I wish like mad that this year hurry’s up and brings you some answers.  Enjoy your birthday and I hope this is a year of worthwhile corners.

7 pamdewind Happy birthday pam! I treasure the notion of our contact and friendship. I do hope you have a wonderful year ahead and that your family stays in the best of health.

11 japet0331 I suppose you’ll miss this note... but happy birthday none the less and I do hope you’re finding fun in all the right places.

12 periodic Happy birthday sugar-p.  I hope that beautiful music fills your home this year and that you enjoy yourself immensely. 

14 moosifer Hey moose! Ar ar ar... happy birthday! I hope there are a few real life adventures waiting for you this year... something to write about, take pictures of, share in lj and never ever forget!! Have a great year.

18 devilshalo13 Have a grand birthday Moriah! May you find small and seductive pleasures that surprise you with their intensity as wee gifts all year long.  It’s a real treat to have your friendship. ;D

18 kaeren Hola sugar... I hope you’re around to read this! Happy Birthday to a girl that’s more fun than six bags of chips! You’re an great girl sugar and I  do hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

19 elliriel Hey sugar-elli. (almost sounds Italian :D) Have a great birthday and may your family have a year with nothing but good health and happiness. 

19 raylenetaskoski Hola sugar-ray. I do hope you have a fantastic year ahead of you ... and that the girls conspire to make it easy on you. :D Happy birthday Ray.

22 gonefishing Happy birthday sugar... :) I hope this year gives you reasons to hope for all the right things.   

23 nosetips Happy birthday oh sugary-proboscis. :) Not sure if you’ll see this... but I hope you have a grand year ahead.

24 tehdawgfather Happy Birthday Danny Boy... May your devilish self subcontract all the hard work, leaving you time to attend to ... the relationships you’re building.

25 paleltlspider Hola April... happy birthday sugar. Have a great birthday and I do hope the year brings you unexpected pleasures. :D

26 dailymom Happy Birthday Toy... and thank you for our years of friendship!! I hope you have year of healthy kids, chances to rest, and the small successes that really lift a persons spirit.

26 psychomagnet Hola magnet girl...  I’m certain you’ll enjoy your birthday and I hope you have a year ahead that reflects back to you the rare and brilliant attitude you give out.  Happy Birthday.

26 princessmommy Well now... is this your birthday dear Topaz? You seem to not be mentioning it elsewhere. :)  Have a wonderful birthday sugar-amy and may you find A TRANSPORT TRAILER STUFFED WITH 100’S... you know... for mad money.

28 hakuai Happy birthday sugar... and I hope this year brings you... choices, and great health.

28 troz1958 Happy Birthday Tim... I hope the next year takes you towards some honest fun and that you have every opportunity to enjoy it.

29 abbeyrd Happy birthday sugar-geek. !! I hope you enjoy the celebration and that you find all kinds of happiness this year... (and I hope December goes ok!!!)

29 lakme Dearest Suzanne... I’ve no idea if you’ll see this little hidden birthday message... but you’re a jewel in the treasures I’ve found since coming here... thank you sugar and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful birthday (and that the job thing keeps on keep’en on!! :D)

29 meres Hey traveling girl... Happy birthday Meres, and I do very much hope that the year ahead is you’re toy... and that you enjoy every minute of play you have with it!

30 cloverbee Hola clover girl... (noting the dot dot dot) Happy birthday. HB2U hb2u HB2UUUUUUU HB2U. (hahaha... gah, I’m sorry! :D). Have a great birthday sugar and enjoy the year ahead with a healthy family and peace in your world.

Happy Birthday to all of you... and I hope you don't mind getting such early birthday wishes! :D
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