Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

dum di dum... that dude... lead singer from FYC
no? yeah... well I'm see'en it.


edit: I really should have noticed... but it's a locked post. Ok.. unlocked now.
I'm asking her if I can post the question here... :D
hey... firefox users... somebody nick over [ :: here :: ]
and answer this friends post about it...
she's having some trouble and I've just no idea.


I flicked on Leno for part of his monologue tonight.
Inside of five minutes he - with video footage of the pres - totally insinuated that the pres was up all night with this man, taking him from behind and never getting a look at his face, and opined that "kentucky banned gay marriages... unless they're siblings."

... dude.
I'm just say'en... the stuff I say, is freaking tame man.


I actually enjoyed survivor tonight.
what a pleasant surprise. :D
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