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Alrighty then...

I'm done for today... and boy ... what a fun day it has been.

It's the most fun when people come out of the woodwork to argue semantics instead of dealing with the issues or offering up opinions.
But whatever... fill your boots.

I play this game because I enjoy it. If I didn't want to engage ... I would turn off the comment feature.

I will never... NEVER get tired of saying War is for fools.
And I will always criticise the people in power that admit to mental defeat by engaging in armed aggression.
I will call them names and be disrespectful to them... with vigour.
They are the highschool bullies that grew up and found out that daddy had loads of cash.

Not one word of that is a word against the people that doff the uniforms or pull the triggers.*
They are a pawns in someone elses game and for them I feel a kind of sorrow.
No man or woman goes to war and comes home to tell others how much fun it was.

Today is an interesting day... and I'm really sorry that so many of my theoretical friends in lj want to fight it out over ... whatever.
I am what I am... and I've been this guy ... here... for years.
You can expect very little to change.

So if my Bush hating views, anti war opinions and generally horrid attitudes really bother you...
Please don't let the door smack yer ass on the way out.

* I would have continued at line with "clean the latrines, peel the potatoes, fix the jeeps or carry the supplies..." but Haliburton has the contract to do all that for the Army... as the outsourced corporation that performs all those duties on a costs-plus basis... making freaking millions of dollars per week to do it.
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