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She lost her youth,
and she lost her Tony...
now she's lost her mind.

:::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::

Yeah... so I have really no idea how we got on it... but I've managed to convince my manager and the "other boss" (they're like the uncles in "second hand lions" - seriously) to do this arm gesture thing (I'm doing it in the "end of day me" picture). Arms layered in front of you and seperating them while you say "zoltar"... like a salute for members of a fucked up cult... Dude Where's My Car comes to mind... The thing of it is... my cube buddy... coworker dude... is absolutely, if quietly, killing himself ... crying... laughing as I convince the boss to do this... and ... and we sneakily see one of them do it to the other guy... so this may stick. :D hahaha...

I need to make nice golf shirts with little Z's on them ...

I wonder if I should tell them about the "N" word... hahaha...

Lovely day... spent the entire day at my desk... It's raining like mad out there... But not-smoking kinda reduces the reasons for going anywhere...
So rain yer ass off.


I wish the word "puerilel" didn't have such negative connotations... it's such a fabulous word. :)
However, merriam webster says it like [ :: this :: ] and I'm really upset about that... because I've always said it "pure - eye-il"... much more fun that way.

Ok... time to go.
Big night for CNN... I bet the fuck something up. :D

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