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~ ok... so I guess I've been a bit of a pill lately.
all this talk of global unrest and political pain...
I suppose it's a downer... maybe even a bit tiring.
A terrific waste of your valuable time and way to
much a soap box to spend mine on...
Do you have any coffee on?
(you seeing where this is going yet?)
~ hahaha...

And yet they don't all drop me in droves.

no really... thank you for today.
It was a good discussion and in the end... it brought many good bits of information out and let a lot of people have their say.
Maybe that's what it's all about.


Not really much of a work day. And yet... tomorrow will clearly suck.
It's kind of dreary, with low hanging clouds and the threat of rain or some other nasty thing falling from the sky.
Of course, it's getting dark out as I type...
Pretty soon it will be "leave for work in darkness and arrive home in darkness".
It's all a big plot by the people that sell summer.
They just want to jack up prices and make you want summer so bad you'll stop at nothing to get it.

What do people in perma summer do?


I'm outti
and I promise I'll try and be a wee be less of a political stress case.

perhaps if I could just "perform" my political rants nude...
perhaps I already do... and you just cant tell.
The Naked Story.
There's a million of 'em in the big city.

See ya. :)

ps. 143... no really.
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