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Monday, November 1.

every hand's a winner...
and every hand's a loser...


November first huh... Next stop... Christmas lights and snow. Ug.
At least I have some ideas about what to get my sugar for christmas this year. :)

It's the day after... it's "mommy my tummy hurts" morning
for a lot of folks I'm assuming... :D haha... I'm tempted to
pile it all up in a bowl and tell the kids to eat all their candy
for dinner tonight... just to get it out of the way. Of course,
that's pretty close to child abuse so... I'll have to think on that one. :D

There are so many reasons to be happy in my world right now...
I almost feel guilty. If I could reach out and just press a little of
this vibe into you... you'd love it.
I know things can suck... it goes in circles.
The real trick is to understand this and properly embrace the
good times when they roll around. Ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet...
at least you'll head into the harder times with a lingering smile.

Random acts of selflessness... kindness in the purest form...
will go a long long way to making this all work out for ya.
Nothing plants the seeds of happiness quite like doing something
nice and realizing you only did it ... because it was nice.
Just say'en. :D

~ red stripee ftls
~ black I suppose cotton pants... kinda cargo...
~ white dress shirt and a teddy bear tie...
~ dk gray sweater.
~ to begin some document review with the team...
~ work on the November Club post... :)
~ drink lots of coffee and eat really bad for me junk food... no chips... but still... :)
~ more on the new server tonight... (me = all excited)
~ to send heartfelt wishes for his safe and speedy return out to jenny_rambles!!
~ a very happy birthday to a long long time friend, canuckgirl (and you still go in Club November when I can get it finished! :D)
~ and the same out to summer_flowers, happy birthday sugar. :D
~ to toss a few warm vibes over to my friend dawna
~ to shoot some positive vibes out to barefoot_dyke ... just 'cause...
~ and to remind ninneviane that the noose is no where in sight from what I can see...

// news report this morning... big car bomb blast in Tel Aviv . Ok... so they report it by saying... "It's been two months since a blast of this kind.... " and all I could think was WHAT????? They say "two months" like it's a long time. Israel... and the region that surrounds it... what a fucking pimple on the skin of our planet. Someday they will find a cotton pad big enough to wash the whole place in oxycept and be done with it. You are absolute fucking losers and I'm sick to death of your foolishness. And believe me... calling it "foolishness" is a kindness you don't deserve.
oh look... another bomb blows up in Israel... in a food market no less... and look... another helicopter gun ship takes out several private homes... and then a rocket attack knocks out a school... You people are fucking retarded. The lot of you. You are a stain. All of you... I know it's too much to ask for but ... grow the fuck up.

// ever heard of SEYMOUR M. HERSH? No... not Seymore Butts... "Hersh"!!!
Interesting fellow. I'm guessing he voted early and for Kerry.
Of course all those 'Mericans that need to feel safe...
the "safe" that only comes from blowing up cities full of foreigners
and having your kids shoot expensive weapons and stuff...
they'll vote Bush.... because... you know...
it's so safe on the planet now.

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas... :)
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