Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

What a great day!!

er... well, I was a big groggy but still...

TKD is getting fun... we're learning sparing elements that result in taking your partner down... to the floor... completely. Suz and I are usually partners... Clearly there is potential here for great theater!

The kids had a good and tiring day, with homework, play and fresh air... all very good things for a sunday because they add up to kids-unconscious before 9:00 pm. wohooo... :D

We packed in West Wing from last week... I was a wee bit of a wreck at the very end there with donna saying "josh... josh..."
and man-o'man-o'billigoats* was that whole plot line a political parable or what!! wahahahaha... I gotta love partisan hollywood man. I was blabbing away at the television about who I agreed with and who I thought was being a jackoff... Z was very patient. :D  Anyways... good show that. If I'm entertained... i'm an easy grader!

Watched Desperate House Hoes too... poor miss hatcher's stock took a dive with her being such a dip stick about sorting miss extortions'r'us out... An Eddie!!! what a card. She must be so glad she got the role of vapid slurp monkey.  Oh oh oh ... and were you in awe of the little mini human... the one stumping the gardener... when she boogied downstairs with those socks!!! holy crap... that was priceless... :D :D She got all of hatchers lost stock value tonight.

Oh... and a picture...

... don't you just love these guys...

Mk... time for bed...
ni ni.

*come on... you've never said that? shheeesh... you should.
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