Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 24.

very very tired... :)

Well now... that was a whirlwind day and a half.  We left a bit late on Friday and arrived in Toronto at 11:30 pm.  We managed to negotiate downtown traffic and construction to get to the "Days Inn Downtown" and let me tell you... unless you're a big fan of other peoples pubs in your bathroom... elect to stay somewhere else.

We were there to attend a wedding on Saturday ... an 11:30 am wedding and a reception at this swanky club along Lakeshore Blvd all afternoon. It was a fabulous time!!! We left after the "dinner", so we were on the road by 6:30... 

Now... I pack and go to Toronto to wear a suit and be all spiff-meister at a wedding... even help Z pick out shoes for 20 minutes... and manage to forget my own nice shoes.  (crummy blue runners with a suit... you know you want me).  What's worse??? Well... I also forgot my camera. GAH!!!! I mean... I never forget my camera?? I was soooooooo mad.

So Saturday dawns all sunny and nice ... and Z and I hit Young Street... walk past 11 shoe stores and get to Future Shop and buy a camera.  I'll be returning it today... damn thing is um... just too hard to use... er... or something like that... :) 

Having a camera is way more important at a wedding than having proper shoes... :)

I'm gonna work on a picture post from the wedding... it was really wonderful.  The groom has been a friend since early high school days and this wedding was a great coming together of many HS friends.  We both had a lovely time.

~ pj pants
~ black hoodie... :)
~ oh ... I dunno... haha..
~ no really, shower, lunch, future shop and TKD
~ a visit to some friends
~ Desperate Housewives later tonight... :)
~ to extend my condolences to nebil and her family...
~ that all is well with nbbmom the busiest girl in radio...
~ to thank teaser for those links last week to the "drives to work" in SA.  They were absolutely fantastic!
~ and that all good love holds fast with berraq

Can I just say... BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to Ashley Simpson. 
Oh and blaming your band in the apology ... was pretty shitty.
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