Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 22

Ok... so I woke up with a headache... not sure why... but I've taken advil and I'm hoping for the best.
I've a long day ahead and I've got no freaking time at all for a headache!!!

It is... by the way... a glorious day... sunshine, perfect air temp and nothing but net in the way my day is sorting itself out. :)

Good music, good friends, good plans and work going over like a charm bracelet on grandma's wrist when the grand kids come to visit.

I think maybe I know more about heaven than I imagined. :)

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: getting to be a regular item on fridays... the p-z jeans! :: ]
~ dk blue p-z shirt and a bluenotes sweater. :)
~ a half day of work.!!!
~ I'm sending a final draft... of my current project to my client and hoping they dig it.
~ write about Survivor from last night...
~ and I cut out after lunch to sort out a few details for tonight...
~ I'm taking the boys to my brothers for them to have a sleep over...
~ then Z and I are driving for freaking hours ... to shack up in a hotel and attend a friends 11:30 am wedding tomorrow.
~ that our drive is a safe one!
~ to say "pretty damn vague there indigobluejelly" oh, and see, I did say it... wishes to come true. :)
~ I could see sylph in a Sony Store surrounded by Plasma screens... ar ar ar...
~ that sweet deb... nordicgrrl... isn't in toooooo much trouble.
~ to extend a small word or two of congrats out to stephaniekaye on ... getting some things put to rest...
~ and!! some special wishes and hopes for ohmysheglows for things to progress this weekend...


I do wish I could manage to absorb all the things that scroll by
on my friends pages, but that's just not possible...
Mostly what I do lately, is include everyone except communities
in my default view and read what loads up when I happen to
reload and have a few minutes to pour over it... and I'm sorry
that I miss so much. Just wanted to say that...

I'm exercising my jaw, my fingers, and my brain.
This appeals to me.
If it appeals to you... then we're lucky.
If it doesn't... why exactly are you reading it?


Oh... Family Circle tabulated their cookie recipe results...
and it appears that George will win the election.
The FC has run candidates wives cookie recipes before
each election and then they solicit votes on the favorite.
For as long as they have been doing this... (decades and decades)
their cookie recipe results have been spot on with the electoral outcome.

I have to say... people really need to wake up and smell the spin.
You... (voting americans) are part of a very well spun generation
and it is almost sad to think that so many of you don't realize it or
refuse to believe it. Every word a candidate speaks into a microphone...
(except the dumb ass shit they improvise - hello shuttering Dubya)
and especially every word that they issue on paper... is carefully
crafted by people so amazingly expert in that process that it would
make you sick to realize just how well they can manipulate you.
"No child left behind"??? Dudes... that's an education policy.
AND it has a name!!! If they called it "Education Policy Number 645"
do you think it would have the same caché?

It's one thing to be spun... but quite another to be spun and
refuse to believe that it's happening.
We are all pawns in processes so vast and so grandiose that
it boggles the mind.
I'm not saying spin is a bad thing... or that it being use on us is bad...
shit, it's just the way it works.
But to refuse to acknowledge that it's happening... is just ... bad.
You become a game piece, used and abused by your government
when you stop reading between the spin lines.

Political America seems very much to be all about telling the world
how to behave, what to believe, how to live and how to run their
So I ask you to think just for a moment... how Americans react or
would react to ANY OTHER COUNTRY doing this to them.

Do not expect the situation in Israel or Iraq or Afghanistan or Korea
or China or ... or... or... or... to change any time soon. Despite the
vast armies deployed, the "road maps to peace" or the "coalitions of
the willing" (spin spin spin) and Americans will be made to suffer for
their governments misguided belief that they have all the answers.

I realize somebody has to carry a big stick... but carrying a big stick
and swinging it around recklessly are two completely different things.

Make a new friend today...
Dare ya.

143... see ya.

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