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!!! A Virtual Welcoming Swat Team !!!

alrighty then... heres the plan

(note: Now on Thursday night... not Friday)

I talked about this last week... and I got some pretty decent responses.. so i'm proposing a massive - just for fun - freakish virtual welcoming committee swat team do a little welcoming on Friday night this week.
Heres' the deal:
~ I'll post links back to this to remind ya...
~ Post a link to this in your journal so your friends see it...
~ On Thursday night... at 11:00 pm EST (so, at 8:00 pm in California)
... everybody go to the Livejournal Stats Page

The sixth section from the top is called "New Journals" You may note that the list changes quickly. So picking one person would be hard - not to mention, maybe overwhelming - So the idea is to pick anyone on that list at 11:00 pm EST and read their first journal entry and make some kind of a welcoming comment to them.

Imagine the surprise of someone getting dozens of comments back on their first tentative journal posting... I know for sure... that when I first posted I had no idea about how the whole friend thing worked, etc. so dispensing friendly advice would prol'y be a great idea.

So, if you tell two friends, and they tell two friends... suddenly people will start washing their hair everywhere... LOL.

ps. ever notice how almost everybody in Lj land has great breath!

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