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LOL!!! Jon Stewart on Crossfire (thanks shoo) was absolutely priceless... Man did he take those guys to task.

Ok... today is all done and it's totally time to go home. :)
like... totally.... man.
word... homie.


OH yeah... and regarding that raging debate in Ontario...

I'm really pissed off.
It's totally not fare.
I have been planning to own a sherman tank in a few years...
But now? No way Jose...
The government is trampling on my rights again!!!
I have been denied the chance to own a sherman tank.
Dammit... you can't blame all sherman tanks for the poor choices some sherman tank owners have made.
They've just ruined it for all of us.
If you train your shirman tank properly... it can be a wonderful load hauler and I'd even let my neighbors kids play on it!!
But noooooooooo.....
Just because a few girl guides dive under the treds of some guys poorly trained and obviously out of control sherman tank...
I have to face a life without any hope to own a shirman tank.
Although... I'm sure there's places I could move that would let me own a shirman tank.
Frig... next thing you know they're going to tell me I have to put down my F16.


You know that kid ... um... was his name shirman? the kid on Peanuts that did the totally funkadelic head bob dance at the Christmas dance on A Peanuts Christamas??
Any ways... this song is totally Shirman Head Bob music. :D

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