Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ I bought, cleaned, and cooked a portobello mushroom for the very first time tonight.
At a dinner with friends recently I ate some 'shroom that actually appealed to my taste buds.  This has never happened before, so I was incensed.  We had hard core spicy hot crimbly chicken ("crimbly" - soft & crinkly) with snap peas, yellow and orange peppers, carrot shoots - long thin cut carrot strips that cook fast, garlic, red hot chili peppers, nando's extra hot, and various other things that make it sweet, spicy and generally delicious... AND portobello mushrooms... chopped up and added when there was just a wee bit of simmer time left... All this over rice with more veggies on the side... Seriously... the house still smells delicious. :)

~ I had a very vivid cigarette dream the other night.  It's been ... um... long time... since sept 11... - dum di dum... (easy to remember this way) and I'm still good to go. But that dream... it was incredible.  As would be a cigarette... right... now.... sigh.  No worries.

~ I'm having a great deal of fun developing my mental image of the basement 'redone' ... of course, I have to rob a few banks 'n stuff first but that's for later. :)  I've had ideas for a few years but it's really coming together as a complete mental picture.  I want to have either moved to a new house or refinished the basement before the boys get too much older because I want them to have a place to take friends that isn't ... just, you know... an empty basement with a rug, an old sofa and ikea shelves with all their toys.  I know they'll be fine with whatever because kids adapt like no other being in the universe, however, I know it's nice to have a good zone... a place you want to be... and to have your friends.
Then again... the plan includes a proper home theater room so maybe the whole things just for me and my selfish fantasies... hahahaha... :D

~ George has discovered America's Funniest (ha!) Home Videos. Personally, I think it's almost criminal to show these people fall out of tree's an stuff ... I mean... we're laughing at their unintended pain... It's not a "reality tv show" where some loser has competed like mad for the chance to be tortured.  Ah well... it's on right now and I can hear his peals of laughter from downstairs...

Ok... gotta go... bath time for the boys after this show and I'm sorting out some paperwork. :D See ya.
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