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Friday baby... All freaking day long!!! October 15

ug... ok, so the morning deal is ok, but it's starting to wear a bit thin.
The answer is simple... of course... I just have to go to bed earlier... (bwaahahahahaa... DIES LAUGHING)
I wake up and hassel everyone to wake up... This works on Suz ... she gets up and finds the kids clothes.
This works a little on Geo... he gets dressed dazily...
This "wake up" thing works ... not even a little on Edward.
He's still asleep while he's eating his breakfast.
Anyways... I put the little guy in his clothes and take the boys downstairs, make coffee for me and Z and feed them...
I made their lunches last night, so all I have to do is make my lunch, feed myself and then hit the shower.

Yeah... well I was a bit off this morning... The explosion in the microwave (warm cereal ... a creamy lovely apple imbibed anti personnel explosion) was a bit of fun to get things going.

Anyways... we made it... :D Suz gets herself down in time to make sure their school bags are sorted (you cannot believe the amount of stuff they have to haul back and forth... gah!), teeth brushed and then walks 'em to the bus.

It's all gray and yukki outside. They are calling for "heavy rain" and t-storms by the end of the work day... Of course, "they" are complete idiots ... but it does look crummy out there.

Good thing I work indoors. :D hahaha

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: yeah... these... :D :: ]
~ strong bad t-shirt and a black sweater!!
~ finish client deliverables for the week...
~ write survivor update
~ go the post office again...
~ and figure out how to have more fun than should be legal tonight...
~ that last bit of planning works out... :)
~ for the "morning after" inebriation of ladymeg1 to wear off... :D
~ that raylenetaskoski keeps them sharp sticks out of her eyes!!!
~ for continued "getting better" to be all over txgirlie...
~ to send some good vibes over to indigobluejelly who declared that the word of the day is "cunt". :D Go you lil'sugar.
~ go ahead... post the word cunt and give us a line or two on the subject... noun, descriptive adjective, transitional verb, conjunction, pronoun, secret code word... whatever.

:: cunt... The Word Of The Day :: (that link plays a lovely wave - SO IT MAKES NOISE - of the word cunt... thank you Mirriam-Webster) and, of course, uses a guys voice to say "cunt".... yet they use the same guy to say "cock" Hell they even have that guy saying "cocksucker". Nope... in fact... you gotta get all the way back to "anus" before they wade in with the womans voice. Jesus... I could laugh all day at the web site... :D


You know...
it's a good thing the big American Arms mfgs are working to keep the
boys and girls in Iraq equipped with the latest and greatest.
My favourite is the American Bullet.
It's cool how that little baby stops in mid air instead of entering the skull of a kid.
The way explosive rounds are able to only push shrapnel through the flesh
of "bad arabs with guns" and the way it avoids ripping and burning through
the faces and organs of pregnant women hiding under tables.
Oh ... and those "smart bombs"... the ones that went to that special bomb school...
They take the cake.
Those young kids returning from Eye-rack with their obviously made up stories
about being somewhat "off put" by the death and carnage they experienced...
clearly they're just making that shit up to stir up trouble for Georgie.
Kids today... you'd think they'd be out there smoking pot, playing soccer
or getting a job and learning some trades and stuff.
BUT NOOOOOOO they have to be all Mr. and Miss. Smartypants with a hand grenade and a flack jacket.
Well I for one am not fooled.
It's a party in your pants out there in the thrive'en democracy of New Eye-Rack.
Now fill up yer tank of that SUV and drive somewhere.
Sing it with me... four more years... four more years... four more years...

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