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When I was young...

Some people came into my life and made a difference.

Most of them were teachers.
Just knowing that today, makes me consider with careful grace the plight of public school teachers.

One special someone... Mrs. Bousadda... was my grade 8 home room teacher and she taught my english class.
There were more important teachers... I don't think I can remember her first name... and I remember the names of others.
Mrs. Bousadda, however, was touched with genius, in the selections she made for our reading assignments.

I don't know... were teachers allowed to chose which books to ask their students to read? or were the titles mandated by the school system?
I suspect she made her own choices.

She read Ray Bradbury's "The Sound Of Thunder" to us aloud... and warped my mind with the whole time space thing forever.

She had us read Evelyn Waugh "decline and fall"... and opened my mind to a completely new way of thinking about enjoying life.

We read Hemingway... and took from that the sorts of things you can't help from getting out of Hemingway. (this was grade 8 man!!!!)

But most importantly... she handed me a copy of "I Am David" (Anne Holm) and asked me to read it.
I had forgotten this book completely. It was a totally lost memory... until I read a review for the movie of the same name to be released later this year.

The trailer [ :: is here :: ]

It was a book about a boy my age at the time... and the topic was more than a little dramatic.
When the memory was unlocked... the flood of emotion was absolutely stunning.
I can well imagine that I will be a basket case when I watch this movie.

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