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Thursday, October 14

Hola... I was a little spacey when I snapped the pic... absolutely on a zoooom course for work.
It's like... well, lunch now.
:( I don't like it when it takes this long to make a morning post. !!!

It's a beautiful day... but it wont last... rain is in the offing despite driving in sun and crisp fall air.

Do you have any idea how long I've been doing a morning picture and a morning post...
I mean... I know how it actually is, but it feels like forever!
(and it's ok, you're allowed to be sick of it... hahaha)
Guess it's a bit of a forgone conclusion that I'm a wee bit on the "creature of habit" side of things...

Everybody who responded to the post card thing for my friends daughter... I could frigg'en kiss you.
I swear I was crying this morning as I read over the responses.
My wife sent a card too... Imagine when she starts getting those cards!!!

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t, under a maroon dress shirt and a tie...
~ well... did most of it... It went like this...
~ up early... get the kids sorted...
~ zooom to client offices...
~ bust through public servant strike line...
~ go to meeting...
~ come back ... and bingo... here I am. :)
~ project draft 2 this afternoon...
~ for a few moments of good fortune to find my friend knightsdawn at the interview...
~ that things are ok with carefreespirit....
~ hoping that things go as well as they can on bratt72's upcoming trip...
~ to point out that angryvixen is darned cute and that's all there is to it...
~ and wikkidpixie... OUCH!!

You know... just yesterday I was talking about the way the Canadian government fucks things up by blowing money out the window while pulling on the purse strings in the front door.
Yeah... well DIG THIS... for the last seven years... the liberal government has under-estimated the budget surplus. Private think tanks get it right... consistently... but the government can't manage to do the math. This years surplus was (is) 9.1 billion dollars.... that's $9,100,000,000.00 (omg) and and they have been wrong to about the same degree every year for the past seven.
The issue is one of election platforms. The liberals say they will spend tax dollars on this and that... Then they don't. When the end of the year comes around and all the money they said they were going to invest in Canadians is still sitting in the bank... the chuck it all at paying down the national debt. It's all well and good to be paying down the debt... but they were elected by Canadians because they said they would do one thing... and then (in typical political fashion) they do something else entirely.

I be the wife of that sailor killed in a fire on the piece of shit used Sub we bought on the cheap... is way pleased to know the government had NINE BILLION DOLLARS kicken around but decided it was a good idea to cut the refurbashing budget for that sub by 54 million. Nine billion dollars!

// child care rant...
Ok... the NINE BILLION dollar thing brought the issue of government sponsored child care up in the news... and here's the thing;
Lets say the full potential of the project is realized... (and it will not be ... no way in hell ...) however, lets just pretend...
"Free Child Care for All Canadians"... that's the pledge and the dream.
And I just do not get it.
This still actually levels a financial penalty on people that choose to raise their own children.
Tax dollars go to supporting a national child care program... so both parents can go to work.
Every dollar they spend on child care is a tax deduction, and they'll prol'y get other incentives,
and plenty of tax dollars will be spent on building rediculous institutions to stuff your kid in while you go to work.
*(I'm far more partial to tax incentives for people to run private day cares versus "institutions")
All this is well and good... but what if you decide to tough it out on one salary and have a full time parent taking care of your children?
Any tax breaks? NO.
Any tax incentives? NO.
Any tax deductions? NO.
Suffer with one salary and watch everybody else get paid-in-the-shade to let someone else raise their kids... (and I know, this is not an option for many people but a necessity... but that doesn't take anything away from my point!!!)

WHY does the government punish us for raising our own children instead of putting them in day care?
That is just totally fucked up man.
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