Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


ok... so dig this...

On my fortyith birthday... my brother gives me a pair of reading glasses.  (they're +1.25 on each side)
You know... just a wee dig.

For purely S & G...

(this was taken that night...two years ago!)*

[ :: and this was taken a couple of seconds ago :: ]

I don't wear glasses.

Last year I went for a very thorough eye exam because of headache issues...
but the eye doc (names Dick, btw... Dr. Dick!!)  gave me full marks... better than twenty twenty...

Yeah, well that was then and this is now baby...

If I hold a newspaper column up to my face... say 6 - 7 inches from my eyes... there is no way I'm reading it without guessing and "working" to drag it into focus.  I'm 42 and my eyes just realized it...

So I popped on the gag glasses and bingo... I can read something at 5 inches from my face...
It's kinda cool.
It's kinda disconcerting...

Next stop... one of those walkers... clomp clomp clomp...

ar ar ar...

* for loads of hilarity over that white hair stage... check the first "a day in my life" post on my web site... [ :: here :: ]
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