Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok .... it's blue line reduction day.

(edit: "blue line" people who I have added as friends but are no longer listing me as a friend, "red line" people who have added me but I have not yet added back = this is a reflection of the colour coding used in the 'sema livejournal client')

I often keep peeps that drop me for a few days just to see what's up and make sure their lock.
Today is time to clear the decks. So blue lines be gone.

Today is also get-outta-dodge day.
If you've wanted to drop me... but, for whatever reason, haven't...
DO IT. I wont email ya, I promise I will drop you back right away and there will be zero drama.
... but that's just for today. Drop me tomorrow... and I'll be all over ya... hahahaha... ok ok ... not. :)

and ps. If you're a red line in my list... it's because I haven't received a note from you.
Check my bio if you wonder what that's about... otherwise... enjoy the red line'ness. :)

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