Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ well... I'm definitely behind on the server upgrade plan. but it'll move along. :D

~ we watched "along came polly" after the kids crashed...

~ the kids watched "home on the range" while I did a review of some 100 page rfp from work....

~ polly was ok, I laughed a few times and put up with Stiller... Actually a very complimentary presentation of Jennifer... seriously.

~ the "home on the range" movie got way WAY more laughs than polly. :)

~ walking through a "nature trail" today with the kids and suz...
Walk for ages alone with the woods...
kids battling with walking sticks...
kids blabbing away about whatever...
Then another family merges from some fork in the road and dragged forward by dogs on leashes, the lovely family overtakes and passes.
Of course, at this exact moment Edward is heartily observing "Dad, George and me all have walking sticks... mom... you're the only one with out a stick... and your the only one with a vagina!"
Lovely. :)

Ok... it's night night time.
see ya.
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