Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ISP update

~Web Site stuff... I was bitching about the other night via a phone conversation review with my ISP.
It seems that the graphic I have of all the various survivor logos morphing into one another, weighing in at 400k was just too darn big.
Dig this...
A residential account gets their dsl hook up and four megs of space on their server.  You get a limit of 4 gb of upstream monthly bandwidth and some huge amount of download. (when you look at my web site it uses "upstream" bandwidth... and I never go over 4 gigs per month... never)  This however is not the issue.
Residential accounts also get 1 gb of upstream monthly bandwidth from the ISP server in that "4 megs of webspace".
Ok... a bit weeny but ok so far...
Now... devide 1 gb by the number of 15 minute blocks there are in a momth and that's your "allowable" 15 minute transfer volume. 
Which is why, my putting the Survivor logo on their site to speed up load times of my survivor page resulted in all the static graphics dropping from view on my web site... (I host a bunch of the little tiny static images on my web site on my ISP's server to speed up load times...)

Dude... one picture of your grand kid steps on that limit!!
It's totally fucking bogus and stupid and rediculous and piss me off dumb ass.
So I'm going to write letters to every single employee at and explain my opinion to them.
(I'm working on the employee email list as I sit here!!!)

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