Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 10

Boy was yesterday a busy and fun day!

Up fairly early to do dad stuff with the boys... which turned into evil mean guy with kids when homework was started... but we all recovered from that (haha).
~ made a run to the "bulk barn" again and I'm loaded for bear on the trial-mix track... my ass is going to go on strike... I just know it. :)

Last night was really special...
we went to a 40th b-day party for [ :: this guy... :: ]
and he and his wife had the dinner party for 18 people catered. So all the food was shi-shi-poo-poo stuff...
[ :: Suz and Odil, eating smoked salmon and caviar ... :: ]
I don't much dig caviar... but I was all over the Beef Wellington made with fillet mig-non! no seriously though... the meal was freaking amazing... and the concept of having a private party catered was smashing!
It was a very wine oriented event... with special wines, like... no really... ice wines, aparatifes (sp?), ports, and stuff (most of which I have little or no appreciation for but I can dig that everyone was having a grand time with it)... I had the small serving of this "pre meal" apple / honey wine thing that is served almost frozen ... to cleanse the pallet... (um, yeah, whatever... )
Note: of the 18 party go'ers... 2 pair brown shoes, 1 red and the [ :: rest were black... :: ] (why do I care about this??? no idea... )
[ :: this is me...  :: ]
[ :: this is a girl named moo... a very old and dear friend... :: ]

Any ways... we got to my moms house at 2:00 (babysitter for the evening) and home with the boys by 2:30 and man... long, very fun night.

~ pj pants
~ comfy black hoodie
~ shower!!
~ back a cake... actually cup cakes...
~ no TKD today...
~ go to dinner at my folks house (thanks giving dinner) with a very large gathering of my extended family... !!
~ watch Desperate House Wives.
~ to point out that kumi simply cannot look bad in a photograph... ever...
~ that something gives for my friend distortedgirl... because those options suck sugar...
~ that no gets what she wants... (and btw... great snag on the name "no"!!!)

Yesterday marked day 28. and in contrast to every other time I've quit smoking in the last five years... I really have not cheated this time at all!!! I'm having moments when I really think this time might be different... feeling good about it... (last night was a challenge... and it went fine!)

I read that Alias will not start up again until after Desperate House Wives runs it's season, which means, no new Alias until January!!! Bummer!
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