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Word 'em up, homeslice!!!!

Hey Lj... today is going to be so fantastic... somebody slap me, this is just too fun.

ok, let's see....
because Krizsa drives me wild
practically every single day...
I'm sticking with the program:
~ loud as all get out "swish swish" pants... pockets? i got yer pockets...
~ jock, boxers, big giant comfy new white sox
~ cool mock neck (I love saying mock-neck) black shirt I bought at the HP Company Store in San Fran
~ dem big shoes....
~ to go to a client site and do my damndest to not fall asleep reading their boring documentation on disaster recovery...
~ to finally get to the post office - finally got zoe's address... hehehe
~ to find out all my addresses for the last 10 years... etc for some "top secret" clearance thing... clearance Clarence... :D
~ some really cool characters that work with me... hats, groovy clothes, funky hair... this is great!
~ I could whisk my wife off to someplace sunny and warm for a relaxing week of pampering...
Ok... so listen Lianna? you out there! I got some nick name action for you baby... I'm gonna go for it until you tell me to shut the phuque up, cause I'm liking it... but you is d'urge : I'm taking this from Durga - she is a Hindi goddess "a warrior goddess" (not blue skin but a nice flesh tone...) Yes she's got the four arms on each side deal going on but this girl rawks... Durga is the incarnate of Pravati (sp?) - the wife of Shiva "God of Destruction" Now just calling you some hindi goddess name was too easy so I'm layering in a little of the idea that you are truly a warrior in the battle of urges... I know that the whole xxxmas deal is a living testament to that. So, we end up with d'urge ... Lianna, you are d'urge! leela d'urge (taking a little from the gnome girl and her reference to the 5th element...)
Ok... long day coming... ready, set, GO!.

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