Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 8



Yeah... sit down at work... sip coffee from my car cup and ... basically dribble coffee... man I hate that. (as opposed to "hat that" which makes substantially less sense.)

~ black ftls
~ black jeans... [ :: still in the jet black stage :: ]
~ red p-z golf shirt... although... there will be no golf today...
~ writing... loads of writing... client project mid term deliverable due today.
~ write about survivor at lunch...
~ dinner at my folks house. :)
~ to spend a few minutes dreaming about how great it would be to still be in bed sleeping!
~ that you would go and check out [ :: this post :: ] in shadesong's journal... a screen cap from WBAY TV Web... Apparently Bush won the election.
~ to point out that David Firth's song "milkman" and the associated flash is is is... fucked. oh, and thanks for sharing it vespertine_x
~ to send a few good vibes over to iamharmony... just 'cause.
~ that haela's mom gets better!!! geez...
~ some calming vibes for my bud bratt72
~ and happy hunting out to the boobinator er... wolfiegirl

Does anyone have any exp with Dell Computer wireless pcmcia network cards? My dad's new laptop and wireless is connecting... and I have the code key in there properly... but it wont actually network... no browser and no ftp... ?? (his wireless router is a d-link and it's connecting fine with a wireless pci card in a pc... although the pci card is a d-link as well...)

my boss is way happy today...
because he heard me whispering 'fuck'.
The whispering part is what really turned his crank. :D


Have a great day guys...
I know for absolutely certain that I'm gonna. :D
It's a great day to be... ...among friends.
k... I gotta git... :D
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