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thank you...

When I graduated HS, I was working in a restaurant.
I moved up through the ranks of lowly kitchen help to senior lowly kitchen help.
The end of me was visible in the faces of other people working there...
So I left that job to go back to school. I went to a local college.

When I graduated from College,
I was headed for University to study for two more years and get a degree.

My summer job was this government gig working at a Student Placement Office (SPO)
It was a fun job... and it carried over as part time work in the school year with a made-in-the-shade job the next summer.
I was 24 when I started the first summer of work there.

During the second summer of work as a SPO, I fell in love.
She was on the other end of a phone and there was something about her voice.
I changed offices and was finally able to put a face to the voice.
She didn't realize I had fallen for her... at least not at first.

When she sat with me, and told me of the troubles her boy friend was giving her...
I rather coldly told her that he sucked... she should drop him... and she should go out with me instead.
That didn't really work... at least not at first. :D

On August 18 of that summer... I came to work wearing a cabana shirt... pulled from her closet.
She had dropped him.
I waited in the hall at work before coming in so people wouldn't see us come in together.

That job became my career when I graduated from University...
and I stayed with that government department for 14 years.

That girl became my life....
... and nothing will tear me away from her.

We spent four years deciding to get married.
I slipped a ring on her finger... kneeling in a rainy field.
It was a blustery day in the following October,
when her now dearly departed father handed her over to my care.

Thirteen years have since crept past and brought us two small pieces of heaven...
George, born in 1995 and Edward, in 1998.

We have walked many challenging pathways...
and danced our way along some wonderful roads.
Life is like that...

October 5, 1991

We will travel many more roads together.
I love you my darling Suzanne.
Thank you sugar.
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