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The October Club

Happy Birthday to The October Club

~ a few of these are late... Amy, Misha, Suz and Purrs, please accept my late wishes. :D

For all of you... Happy Birthday and may the year ahead be the stuff of great fun!

This is a list of friends who are having a birthday in October, (date). 
There are moms, dads, expentant moms, friends in school and friends
working at making all the work they did in school pay off. 
All in all... a really great group of friends and people I'm glad I get to share time with.

And I'm not lj cutting this... because you just don't cut birthday wishes.

macdatty (1)  She's a girl with one of those smiles... melts yer heart. Happy Birthday Amy and I hope this year brings you a step or two closer to the bright future I am absolutely certain is in store for you!! :D

willedit (1)  One of my favorite personal editors. :D haha... Michelle, you have been such a kind and accessible friend for so long... I hardly know what to say, besides Happy Birthday and may you find in the year ahead the blessings of good health for you and your family and, of course, happiness... much happiness.

hempychic (3)  Ah... my little hempster.  A friend whom I am quite certain will not see this note but my wishes for you go on never-the-less. May you find the strength in your world to be the girl you really are and find a peaceful way of achieving that. You're a good girl Suzanne. Happy Birthday sugar.

x (3)  Hmm... another that I suspect will not see this.  Happy  birthday miss purrs. You are going to make camera's happy for many many years to come.

demyankee (4)  I hope you and yours enjoy this day and the year ahead Chris.

mentalconundrum (5)  Hey lil'needs-an-icon girl... Happy birthday Becca.  May you find yourself walking through unimagined doors this year... and find excitement on the other side.

indigobluejelly (7)  Dearest Carrie... you are a girl without equal.  I am and will always be impressed by you.  May you have a wonderful year ahead reaching for new goals, boarding down new hills, and discovering news ways to stretch yourself.  Let fear be the acquaintance you face down and step over.

babydoll99_99 (9)  Happy birthday Dina... I hope the work zone evens out and you get to hold  the strings that bind you yourself... and I very much hope you have a wonderful year ahead. 

heatherbell (9)  Happy birthday to a sweet friend but a truly kindhearted young mom... Have a wonderful year Heather and I hope that you (and nadia!) find some new adventures when you expect them the least.

hotblue (9)  Happy Birthday mz ally... I hope so very much that you find the personal strength to face your demons and slay them.  The year ahead will be bringing you closer to those baby making dreams and I want you to know that you have friends in far away places that will always keep good thoughts and the best hopes for you and your "family in the making".

sugarvaulter (9)  When ever I see “Gina”... I wanna play the name game with it... (it's an old song).  Happy Birthday sugar-v. I hope this year brings you closer to the love, the success and the happiness you so very much deserve.

complet_je (10)  Have a great birthday sugar-Je. Kenna, I hope youyou’re your very seriously loved main squeeze have a grand year together and that you find dreams in the pockets of everything you chose to wear. 

luv2play (10)  Happy Birthday Val... I hope, and expect, that this year will bring some great joy to you... there’s what? 3 months left? Tap tap tap... I’m not really sure if you’ll ever see this note, but I do hope for the best to find you on your birthday sugar and that you have a wonderful year.

resilience (10)  Have a wonderful day Christy... and may your faith in life’s potential be inspired by the year ahead.  You have such a friendly heart... I am so very lucky to have you as a friend. :)

designdiva (12)  I hope you have a good year Ang... 

dotcombabe (12)  Happy Birthday Lady Ni... and I do hope that events conspire to give more and more opportunity to paint and create. You're a talent and talent wants to find expression!

krazyleesa (12)  Happy Birthday sugar... I know it has been a challenging run up to this years notch but I will carry the hope for the year ahead to be one of renewed strength and happiness.  Have a grand year Leesa.

moonrose (13)  Happy Birthday sugarSam.  I hope you have a great year and keep holding on to that laid back thing because it fits you like a glove. 

lunaobrien (14)  Ah a much absent little Luna... Happy Birthday sugar and I hope that you and your family stay healthy and happy.

jadedfaerie (15)  Hey sugar... where ever you are and what ever you are doing... I hope you are well and that a birthday wish finds you and gives you strength, and maybe a little peace too. :) Happy Birthday Aimee. 

jaggedpill (15)  The girl with the million watt smile! I'm pretty sure you'll not see this but that hardly matters! I know you're out there somewhere slay'en 'em at the office and taking their breath away in the hallway. Have a great year Amy.

saxton (15)  Is this your birthday... Sugar-T??  hmmm...  If it is... Happy Birthday and know that my friendship and best wishes for you will never slip away.

hazeleyedcutie (16)   Happy Birthday Michelle!!! Little miss married...!! I hope this next year brings you as many reasons to smile as the last one has. :D

wrldtravlr2 (17)  A brand new friend and a friend that knows how to lead with her heart.  :D  I hope you have a wonderful birthday sugar and that you fill your year with new destinations... of all sorts.

lique (18)  May you have a healthful year and be loved in ways that surprise you.  Happy Birthday to a survivor and a creator.  There is art in your words, and inspiration in your thoughts... I hope you have a great birthday sugar.

kitiara (19)  Happy Birthday sweet Kit... Watch out for hot casings, ill considered legislation and when you have time, dance in the happiness that has wrapped itself around you. I do sincerely hope that you enjoy every moment of the year ahead and be careful... there's a ring out there somewhere with your name on it... :D

dakotajoy (20)  Oh Joy oh bliss...  I strongly suspect... this will never find you. But that’s ok... it’s a thought and somewhere your living your thang and having fun, I hope.  Happy Birthday Joy and I hope you are in the hands of good love’en.

sometimes59 (22)  Happy Birthday sugar-C.  I know you’re busy... but it’s a good busy and that’s wonderful.  Have another great year sugar.

celtic_bairn (22)  Ah the newly minted Mrs. Celtic...Happy Birthday sugar. May the choices you have made bring you the greatest of happiness this year and, indeed, for many years to come. Have a wonderful year.

sylph (24) Happy Birthday Carole... I hope this note finds you ... and finds you well. May you be treated to the greatest happiness this year.  (wiggles his bum for a second... then starts laughing and has to run away...)

mysticprincess (25)  Happy Birthday Lisanne. I hope you and your family share a fine birthday and have a healthy and happy year together. :)

odyssey_road (26)  Tick tick tick little Bethany.  This will certainly be an interesting year... Happy Birthday to you sugar and a happy day of birth for you this year.  I hope great health chases you and your family all over the place.

redwaterlily (26)  Happy Birthday Suz... I hope this wish finds you enjoying the company of your beloved and that you are in fine form to enjoy a year of happiness.

true_nexus (27)  Happy B-day Nex!! I hope you have great day when it gets here and that the year ahead brings you every opportunity you can handle to express yourself... in pictures and in words... things you do very well. 

christowang (28)  sings... "thanks for the memories" (or something like that...)  Have a great year jersey man... I wish you every success in the many ventures that make up your world. 

murphy59 (28)  Yeah, I like the handle "nick danger"!! Happy birthday camera man... I hope you have a great year and are able to share every moment of it with people that love you.

sadsong (28)  ah my fellow survivor nut... :D Happy Birthday sugar and I hope the year ahead is nothing but  good memories and fine friends. 

crayolaphoenix (29)  Happy birthday Alice... (notice!! didn't call ya nancy!). I  hope you enjoy this years birthday and that you kick off a wonderful year.  May you find the edges of things so you can get a firm grip... heck even shake 'em a bit if you feel like it!

travellingstar (29)  Happy Birthday Carolyn! I hope against all hope that this next year brings you the breaks you obviously deserve!! (You listening world? Cut this girl a break!!)  And I hope the year that unfolds does so bringing you pleasant surprises.

beachdog (30)  Happy birthday bro... I like the way you think... (and I hope you get filthy rich by accident). Have a great day and I hope the year keeps you well.

toosweet (31) Hey Rose... slim to none on the chances you’ll see this but that’s neither here nor there... I hope you have a great birthday sugar and scare up some good times. (oh, I just kill me with the subtle Halloween pun!!) May the year bring you closer to the people you love, and swinging distance to the people you wanna whack!

Happy Birthday guys... :D

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  • shiver

    You know that shiver you get through your shoulder blades and down your back when you feel cold. Maybe you’ve just left the restaurant and you’re…

  • selfie

    as I read and read and read about "Selfies"... I quietly say to myself... "um... yeah, tell me again how selfies are a new thing." lol. :)

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    Hiya. :) Today was one of those “oh look… LJ is still there” days. Oh how I miss the old days when LJ was pretty much a playground filled with my…