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Friday, October 1!!!!!

Mr. Scrunchy-face says "Hi!!"
bwahahaha... It makes it look like my earing weighs a frigg'en tonne... :) hahaha...

[ :: a smiling pic, because ... well, just because...:: ]

It's frigg'en cold out this morning!!! Yikes... (and brrrrr)
The fog was as thick as sea poop and now I'm locked in my little office cubicle for the day. gah!
Smoking, it can be argued, gets you the hell out of your cube a few times a day...
Alas... earwax. I'll sit here and read and write like mad.

Hey!!! Last night... man... you gotta know I was hard core impressed with my friend mage67. Seek this guy out if you missed Survivor or The Apprentice... Thanks to him, we were able to watch the missing 25 minutes before we went to bed... :D :D (dances all over the place)

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: and yes... it's friday and I'm a git... :: ]
~ a nice gray b.u.m. equip shirt
~ and a nice warm black sweater... red stripe.
~ The new gig is all about r&w and I've gotta have a table of contents for the report done by tuesday, so I'm read'en and write'en.
~ write some birthdays into the October Birthday post...
~ write about Survivor from last night... :D :D :D :D
~ AND... tonight, right after work, Z and I are going to quicky dinner and to the movies to see "The Forgotten". WEEEEE! :D
~ that really bad mojo crap does not happen around Mt. St. Helens... which, btw, is the exact name I have been giving to pimples for ... well... years.
~ to just point out ... that weatherblonde is really a great journal add... she's a peach. :D
~ big big CONGRATULATIONS out to rose_maiden on the birth of her newest grandson... wee little Alexander. :D

I'm going to upgrade my cell phone... DOES ANYONE USE A MOTOROLA C341??? Hows it work'en?


So about last night... I thought there was going to be a presidential debate????? Like with the guy trying to unseat the prez arguing with the actual prez... But I didn't see Cheney anywhere...
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