Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well look at that... how'd it get to be so late?

I had my hair cut tonight... my mom cuts my hair, so I was at my moms house. (go figure).

Two things:

~ my dad was showing me his mini disk thing... playing it into speakers... with the cartridge mini cd that is burned r/w in the thing and plays hours of music. He pops a cd in the pc and plugs this thing in an it's ripped right to the minidisk.  It's cool... it sounds nice... but is it any good? It seemed huge considering the heft some mp3 players are sporting...

~ I was sitting getting the cut... watching sound-off football on the t.v. (sound off as per item one above!) and saw two things that are totally brand new to me... What the hell was that countdown thing all about during a "Challenge!"... cool. It was Dallas playing somebody... never ever saw that before... when did that start that... all dueling head video on the jumbo tron with a countdown clock and "challenge" all blazing. Holy side show batman...  and AND what was with the (maybe I was getting this wrong) FORTY YARD penalty for a pass interference?  wtf? What happens if you commit a foul? Is it like an eighty yard penalty?
(I have to be getting this wrong... sound-off football is fraught with potential for missunderstanding... but but ... )

oh, and I got a hair cut...
way short...
and the stuff she cut off...
it was all gray...
like with a wee bit of dark stuff. 

alrighti... ni ni...

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