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Monday, September 27

Look at that face... sometimes I really think I'm starting (ha!) to look like a psycho killer.

The sun rises behind our house... well, ok, it rises "in the East" and it's basically stationary while the world turns... fine! whatever, it still appears to rise from the horizon in my back yard... mmmk? yeah, so anyways, the real issue is that this means my front yard... laneway... is in shade. When I get to my car in the morning... it's like my car was just having a shower, stepped out and is waiting for me to come along and dry it... lazy fucker. But no really... it's just soaking with "dew". Takes forever before I can actually see anything... and this whole situation exists specifically to frustrate me in the morning... or is that just the nicotein talking? hahaha.....

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk gray... kinda edging on blue dress pants... cuffs and all...
~ tommy shirt... and a tie (sigh...)
~ thin sweater... a) didn't iron the tommy shirt... b) it's kinda cold out this morning...
~ total freak out? yeah, something like that...
~ into a computer store to absolutely freak the shit out about a BIL service problem... "here's your bill, there's nothing wrong... oh, and it can't load WindowsXP." Yeah... no really... I didn't lose it... but I there was steam shooting out of my ears...
~ client zone all freaking day... Backup project must finish today
~ new client engagement starts today or tomorrow... three weeks of billable... and writing like mad... me... the worst speller in the entire Uvinerse... (:D) gets paid to write... I'd like to march that little factoid up to my grade nine english teacher.
~ spend time tonight figuring out why Fedora disk one wouldn't boot!!
~ I would stop munching on my "trail mix" vat... I'm going to develop some weird "ate too many macademia nuts" disease or something...
~ that my friend jeremyb manages to um.. keep it up... er.. .his bike yo... what'dya thinK? sheesh.
~ to just send some big happy props to nagylover on the big radio score today... go you !!!
~ may imitrex be all it's cracked up to be for nbbmom....
~ to offer up some condolences to aprilfool29 on the recent loss of her kitty... Angel...

[ :: MIX 102.9 :: ] has left the "switch" in the hands of dyslexic co-op student or something... Their deal is that they switch off the internet stream when the local commercials run and then pour it on when it's music. So today... it's all about listening to endless commercials and then... right when the music kicks in... blink... off it goes.

shadesong hooked me up with a groovy little movement in the tides of LJ... check out the community info for fuck_arabs. It's a total hate zone for all things arabic... but some peeps decided to hijack the comm and just post big images and words about Arab's they would love to fuck!!!! hahahahaha... it's totally bitchen. Go post about an Arab you'd love to ... well... you know... :D

Yeah... so I gotta get down to it and start work. see ya later ... :D

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