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Thursday, September 23.

Ok... another glorious day in the neighborhood. Fall is creep'en in... putting on it's cape and wizard hat, so to speak. It's clearly keeping mother nature damp... and the trees are starting to think about how much fun it will be to leave leafy green behind and dive into the fiery colours that turn our part of the world into a vast improbable canvas of beauty.

You wish you could see fall here if you live in perma summer somewhere south.

~ black ftls
~ beige dockers...
~ dk blue button up shirt...
~ a kind of "david letterman" thing...
~ yeah... I'm still all about the back up project... more big words and pretty templates...
~ several more nit picky little amendments to the web site... (work web).
~ something about time sheets... ug...
~ Survivor is tonight!!! (does a little dance)
~ that giggly_girl catches a little break soon... and finds herself embraced by sleeps comfort...
~ to send some very sincere loven thoughts out to katie8471, tonya, snwbrdette, sirenity... and who am I missing? that have relatively new little bablettes at home keeping them jumping, hoping, snoozing, feeding, and well... being mom. Hardest job ever ladies and you are absolutely wonderful.
~ for time to compress and hurry my friend dpaul007 along the path to ... being closer.
~ and to take just a wee moment to make koo'ing noises at kumi... because she's really quite precious.

And BIG BIG BIG props out to topazgrrl ... who has gone into labour... with her next little baby sneaking out ... hopefully today. :D
My hopes are with you and your family for a healthy baby and a comfortable mommy!! :D

We're having a bit of a time with darling Ed. This is the guy that got "bit" by this other asshat kid in SK last year... He's in G1 now and doing great... but he's got an aggression thing to work out. His teacher is an amazing woman who is totally down with the concepts of catching flies with honey but remains firm in the face of a room full of kids. You gotta absolutely bow down to grade school teachers. We're sticking to the reduced sugar deal (kind of got away from us over of the summer) and reviewing a daily log of his "in school" behaviour from his teacher. Of course, the poor little guy still manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time yesterday and gets bowled over by some big kid running through the hall... "Hello Mrs. Corto? Yes... we have Edward here in the office... he's had a bit of a fall..." :( (believe me... all is well... he shakes stuff like that off... he's the rock! :D)

Any ways, I just wanted to say...

There is no end to the trials of parenthood,
Every one is but a pittance of a price to pay
For the joy that can fill a life when shaping one.
Love truly knows no limitation.

Have a great day guys ...
... and be nice to somebody.
It's a great investment.
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