Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hella long day...

ug. One track mind all day... and for once... it wasn't about rolling in a large vat of pitted over-ripe peaches with charleze theron when she's high on ecstacy... er... wait... am I talking out loud?



no seriously... all day... one goal... and I'm only half way through. This will definately take all of tomorrow!!!

However... it's time to get my butt home... stop at Market Fresh and get some rainbow trout and a few veggies and make a feast to celebrate the day. :D

Remember: Set yer vcrs... it's BB and TAR finale night. :D

oh... and kids... when you get married... don't give everyone in the wedding party velour track suits... it's a short road to making your wedding look like a bunko raid on a brothel.

later sk8ers... :)

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