Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yes... well today is totally finished.

Everything went great today...
... except,... well, my thighs are screaming at me everytime I try to move but that has something to do with being a sloth over the summer.
TKD was all about stretching things till you wanted to cry. :)
Suz, Geo and I are all in the same class... (fun!!)
Edward wanted to sit out this season so we're letting him colour and stuff at the side.

Dinner was fabulous and the cake came off grrrrreat! It was polished off right quick...

The evening rounded off with kiddie stuff... email...
snacks and stories with the boys and then some Emmy watching. :D

Now it's late... I'm going to talk to the admiral for a second... play 30 minutes of and then pass out.

See you tomorrow. :D

(I hope you had a nice weekend... I completely enjoyed mine.)

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