Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


randomness... then bed. :)

~ I've put them down at least four times for
six months or more in the last five years...
...damn things.
Of course I don't talk about them in my journal.
They're vile. However, I'm motivated this time so we'll see.

~ have you seen that Ford advert "we're always thinking about the curve... so you'll think about buying a Ford"?
Dear Ford:
By an interesting coincidence, your current advert
brings into clear focus exactly why your automobiles
remain on my "not a chance in hell" list.
If you'd get your freaking face off the crystal ball for
a minute and look to the road you just travelled,
you'd see the remarkable ccccrap! you leave in
your wake. Like that rat shit 2000 windstar van!
"... think about buying a Ford" ?
Yeah... right.

~ we watched "Shaun Of The Dead" on my computer...
in the long history of yer basic zombie movie movies,
well... here's another one... but with enough pseudo Guy Ritchie cameras,
and Army of Darkness edges, to stand out.
And it's mightily silly.

~ in the history of the issues that make the "Cuba" thing a big drag for the US... what's the rainmaker? 
Is the US angry at Cuba over the CMC in the 60's?
Or (but surely not?) simply because they're pinko commi scum.
What is the embargo all about? Is it "no travelling, no trade"? or is it more? less?

~ ok.. night. Sleep tight.

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