Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday... September 12.

I just want to take a short short moment to say that my heart and mind travelled back in time yesterday and relived many of the emotions from that days dark day in history.  I don't feel any safer today... after all these wars and deaths... but I don't think that will ever really change. September 11 changed a great many things, but I am working hard to make the biggest personal change one of understanding better the courage within a human heart and our collective ability to rise above the terror that we inflict upon one another.  The future is ours... and I hope we find a way to embrace it... instead of shaking it down for bus fare, or oil. 

~ a six hundred year old red sweatshirt...
~ and pj pants... :D
~ hm... well there's a shower in my near future.
~ to write about BB from last night. :)
~ take apart the "hand made" wood screen door... [ :: you can kinda see it here :: ] and put a new screen on it... wish me luck on this one... I need the woody bits to not break!!
~ relax... and try to drink in a sunday...
~ that there is nothing but good stories and happy people with pictures when the lj crew that hit vegas gets home from their adventure.
~ for the TV repair gods to visit my friend Nola... teaser... :D
~ that my florida friends manage to stay safe... *sigh*
~ and that wolfiegirl... gets what she wants!
~ edit: and I hope all is well with _jamielynne_!! :D

In penny lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he’s had the pleasure to know.

It was hair-cut day for the boys yesterday morning...
[ :: George getting cut :: ]
[ :: and Edward ... :: ]
... of course... hair cuts have their moments....

... but there's lolli's when you're done... :D

However... the really big news is that Geo - who earned this chance by completing a rather large "chore chart" - got his little self pierced!!

We had my dad and sister over for dinner last night... My mom is away on a painting adventure. :D
There were fantastic ribs off the bbq and I made another cheese cake...

... and it was amazingly good!!

We watched BB - which started late for some reason so the vcr quit with 5 minutes left... so we had to wait for the West Coast showing (thank you satellite dish) to catch the actual nominations... and we played a bunch of Gobblet! That game can be quite involved... !!  We managed to stay up till... well, really exceptionally late... and that was nice too. :)

The boys are at a birthday party for one of the neighbour's boys... it's clear across town and they had to leave at 9:15.... sigh... some people live with a different set of clock rules than we do on a sunday morning... sheesh. :D Fortunately, they were quite happy to take our boys with them so ... SCORE!!!!!
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