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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Undignified? Backdoor? Hey... don’t knock it till you try it!!

Where-in... Karen spends a rather long time talking about anal sex... The Jury house packs in a nasty bunch of mortal enemas, and Diane’s grand plan is played out to Nakomas’s great surprise. The players who have left before... they were just posers... the ones that are evicted now are the losers! It’s time to carve out a winner... almost. And what the hell is with them writing shit on themselves all the time... I know they’re getting secret messages out to friends and family but ... cut it out already!

Loser say what?
(aka "The WEEK in as few words as possible")
The pressure is mounting on Karen, and she reacts by talking about getting back-door’ed and accentuating her "I just had 9 solid hours of anal sex" walking technique. The focus is on her... so we know from the get go that her time has come. Diane makes a few overtures to both Nakomas and Karen about the vote. It’s funny, but every time Nakomas makes a big ass deal about her stupid pinky-swear shit she goes on to back stab her half brother at least twice... and find a way to blame someone else. Julie comes on and takes the time to torture Karen about what she’d do with the money...when Karen is almost certain she’s about to go home. And then it’s off to the Jury House for Adria and Marvin’s arrival. Will is classic form pissing about the twins and getting snarky. It seems that Adria’s comment at the door out of the BB house about having a message from Natalie was just that... Natalie didn’t go off on anyone as she left because Adria was still there... so she asked Adria to give ‘em hell for her. When the twins try to explain this to William-of-the-sore-bum, after viewing the video tape that arrived with Adria he simply cannot see it... and has a knee jerk reaction to emulate Marvin and his big ass aggression towards the twins - not that they are anything besides freaky. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... they are their own worst enemy! They have great arguments for the issues that fall to them... but they just cannot articulate them. Instead they get all freaking twin-talking and ultimately get confused and then toss out the bible to prop up their crap. Julie, who is looking dramatically like a drag queen (can you see that adams apple?) grills Nakomas and then it’s time to vote. Up goes drew... up goes Diane... and down, down, down goes Karen. She held off a torrent of tears through her visit to the loser lounge but only barely. They switch back to the house for the HoH and it’s a another true / false kinda thing where the players step forwards or backwards on a big game board, shielded from one another’s view, to indicate whether something happened "before" or "after" some other thing. "Did Mike help make the giant martinis before or after he was nominated for eviction?" This stuff is totally up Drew’s ally. Cowboy does surprisingly well, which makes me think Diane threw the game... but in the end... it’s all about Drew.

Fav Quotes
"I trust the shit out of you!". This is Karen talking to Diane... and personally, I’m not really sure how that would work. I can imagine "beating the shit" or "fucking the shit" or "torturing the shit" but "trusting the shit out of..." seems a bit odd... However, this is just the beginning of Karen’s foray into anal sex references. J

"Am I the backdoor? That’s soooo undignified." Bwaahahahaha... Karen Karen Karen... don’t knock something until you try it.

"Thanks for back-dooring me..." well now... curiosity seems to have got the better of her. See and I was wondering why Karen kinda had the bow legged walk thing going on... now we know.

Nakomas: "Michael does not talk to me on a daily basis." First... you say that like it’s a bad thing? And, on the heels of you having such a big honking hate on for him... and for putting your "half brother" up on the block ...what? Two times? You can’t actually be surprised.

The Jury house, where, sadly, we didn’t get to see Marvin arrive to a house where Nat and Adria had Will strapped to a coffee table covered in burn marks and whip strikes... is now home to Adria and Marvin... new additions tonight. Will, ever the radiant fag filled with ... well, himself, comments on his pleasure at seeing Adria: "I might not be walking home with a half million dollars... but neither will these bitches!". See, the notion that it’s a game is still very far from his little mind. He will be angry for years over this...

Marvin, fresh meat for the Jury house, comments "Lock a brotha up and he’ll kiss Nakomas." ... NICE! She’ll enjoy hearing that when she gets home. Sheesh.

Most Memorable Moment
You know... I get the feeling that really digging on the Bible must help people get to be good liars... what do you think? Hahaha... My "memorable" moment in this episode was Drew sitting at the outside table telling Cowboy that he will take him to the end... then ... minutes later... telling the same thing to Diane. Now we all know that he can’t win against Cowboy if it comes down to Drew and CB so I’m guessing the real lie is to Michael. Still... he’s stone cold as he does his level best to get both Diane and Michael to keep the faith.

Up till now the other players that have left has been people that hung out at the BB house. Once it gets down to five... well, now it’s all about winners and losers. Karen was really the first player to lose. She tried like mad to play a careful game, manipulating Nakomas and ducking under the ranging eyes of the other players... but in the end, she was undone by Diane. Really... boys are just along for the ride in these games.
So we have Drew, Diane, Cowboy and Nakomas. Drew wants to be "up against Diane" when he gets to the jury (and under Diane when they all go home?) because he knows he can’t win against Cowboy or against Nakomas. She has too many friends on the jury and Michael is the player that has been on the block the most, suffering at the hands of these idiots. He’d get the sympathy vote if he made it to the end against either Drew or Diane. No, Drew needs to get rid of Nakomas and then Cowboy. But can he? Two nominated and then a Veto game? That will be one messed up Veto game.

The winner...
Unless they get rid of him... Cowboy... gah!!! But it does look a lot like Drew has the circumstance to win. Of the four left in the house, Diane has actually earned it (IMHO) as a game player. The others have spent the whole time riding on someone else’s shirt tails.

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