Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Keep'en it real for the homies...

Boss man just kicken with coworker dude... They're talking about Tate: The Office Linebacker.
and then I hear...
#56... LT... (lawrence taylor) New York Giants.
A most amazing line backer... won at least one superbowl.

And I furiously scribble this down...

alas... they notice and quizz me..

"What are you doing? You're writing that down?"

See ... I know absolutely shit about organized sports.
So I try to keep several "fast facts" in the back of my mind so I can live through those testosterone moments when the "boys" start talking sports.
Now? I have my "line backer fast fact" to call up and make like I'm not totally clueless.

God forbid someone should ask me what a linebacker does...
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