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Friday, September 10.

Hey!! Hi... hows trix yo? :D
yesterdays rain... washed away August dust and today has dawned with an absolutely brilliant sun.
I love it when Mother Nature sleeps off the after glow of a night spent in latex and chains at the hands of her crack master...
The first week of school is waining and we've got a few of our gears turning in the right direction... kids are making their bus in the morning and lunch-packing hasn't been the stuff of high drama... we've even managed to get 'em in bed on time... :D go us!

Yessirree... I love fall. It was even cool enough to grab a sweater... and you know I love sweaters. :)

And I wanted to just send out a special thought and a good vibe for my friend knightsdawn...

~ red stripee ftls
~ cream p-z kinda cargo pants... [ :: um... well, these! :: ]
~ black t
~ black sweater... red stripe. ;)
~ web site updates...
~ gloat a bit about oracle...
~ sort out documentation on oracle process to update the "build books"
~ write about BB from last night... :)
~ that the friends I have here in lj, who are packing up and zooming away to Vegas for the weekend party, have a fabulous time!! (lucky ducks. :D)
~ that this weekend brings nothing but smiles to a remarkable woman who lives across the big water, ninneviane.
~ for a good sleep to be the start of something wonderful for westhill_mom
~ a room full of 12 year old boys stop torturing my little bondas. :)
~ to just send out some hand-holding vibes to my forever friend ladyfire...
~ and kumi... that picture does rock! :D hahaha...

[ :: Do you know Tate The Office Linebacker? :: ]


Make room for art,
Leave time to listen,
And never be so busy that you forget to show your love for someone.
These are the things that make if possible for life to be more than just living.

Have a great day where ever you are...
and if Ivan is on his way to where you are... stay safe and um... you're in the wrong place!!! take care!
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