Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


When we were young...

Suzanne and I have been together for just about 18 years now.
We married after the first four and had our first baby... George, almost nine years ago.
Having babies changes lots of things about a relationship and that is the stuff of significant chapter and verse.
One specific thing, though, is the frame for this thought.
Early on in our relationship we found that taking a walk together was a great way to sort things that needed sorting.

Habit became function and function became form.
Indeed, I clearly remember times when some thing would come up and I would mentally assign it to "walk" status.
"We'll talk about that on our walk..."
No matter what else was going on, or what challenged us... we knew we could address stuff on our walk.
Save for the most unusual of circumstances, we would take a walk every day after dinner.
It was our great communication key.
And then along came babies.

Requirement overcame form and walks became memories.
Certainly, we would still walk... with strollers or kiddies wandering in tow...
but believe me... it was not the same.

Our boys are eight and six.
Today Edward started grade one.
We marked the eve of this milestone by announcing to the boys that they would be on their own while mom and dad walked around the block.

Last night we had a walk.
We talked... and we could feel the familiar vibe.
Tonight... we will walk again, and I will be just as happy as can be.
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