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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Trust me...

Where in...  Drew continues a relentless campaign to drive Diane complete insane... whether he realizes it or not. Everybody reads their lines, but this is the end game and feigned excitement over a new HoH won’t change the fact that it's every house mat for themselves.

Loser say what?
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
"I am soooo excited!" drones Marvin, as the gang checks Drew’s digs... but the bullshit party is short, as "Ted" (Bill & Ted’s Big Adventure – no really, he’s sounding a lot like Ted lately) has to nominate pronto. Marvin's game with Drew and Diane chews a gaping hole in his chest when he lands on the block with Diane. It's a good thing he made that alliance with her. Drew must have told her to trust him about six hundred and eighty seven million times... and followed every one of them with "I don't trust you". And then he'd hug her.  He talks a big ol'talk in the diary room about how this is his master plan but his head is on sideways, looking everywhere except at the veto game straight ahead. Diane vows not to use veto if she wins to convince other possible winners to not save Marvin. Then she miraculously wins veto... It's a "get the ball in the hole" thing with volleyballs, and puts up with a further mind fucking from Marvin al la guilt trip... and then saves herself. So Drew puts Nakomas up beside Marvy... The editors want us to think she'll vote to save Marvin., so we're thinking maybe a cool game moment for Karen might be to fry Nak. Despite possible game plans to blow the shit back into the fan, the big guy fries with a three to nothing vote.  He goes without incident and gets to look at Julie's errant forehead hair clump first hand and then it's time for a new HoH. It's a game of "Who can remember what BB has snatched from the house?" See ya Drew, there's a new sheriff in town... and her name is Reggie Brown... er... Nakomas. 

Fav Quote
Drew, told he must make fast noms, calls each of the house mats into his pit of despair one at a time to talk.  When he has cowboy in there and asks his advice... cowboy is almost pathetic in the way he musters his strength to say "I don't want to be a pawn." (Noting that the other house mats have made him their whipping boy over and over and over in this game.)  Goober-King that he is... at that moment I felt an actual moment of sympathy for him.

When he calls Diane into his room... she comes back with "Is it my turn to kiss ass?" ... and I was thinking, well yeah... and anything else you can think of.  Man... she has been totally abused in the last few weeks.  I wonder if she can get past the next couple of rounds without losing it?

Most Memorable Moment
Now this is kinda sucky... but when they played the Veto Game... tossing volleyballs to get them in "skee ball" like holes at the end of a ramp, I was really struck by Karen’s demeanor.  She, despite her "trapped in the 80's" thing, seems like she really must be a "fun bobby" kinda girl in real life.

You know... when you look over the game... it's surprising just how many times the major votes and decisions have revolved around Karen.  I'm just say'en... I mean, she admitted to throwing the HoH competition with the "true or false" thing last time and it sure looked like she threw this one as well. 
Now, Nakomas is in the HoH zone... I wonder if she'll put up Diane and Drew, holding off - of course - on putting her half bro up, and - of course - saving her buddy Karen.
From where I sit... this next Veto game is the most important of them all... to turn the tide between Nakomas and Karen versus Diane and Drew.  Cowboy? gah... I don't even want to think about that.

The winner…
Sudden decision to think that Karen would get the most votes from the jury!

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