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Mostly harmless

WOIAL Answer time.

Which one WAS the lie?

So I posted a list of events from high school last night...
One was a lie...
[ :: the original post is here :: ]

The thing about a good lie... is that it has to have a wee bit of the truth mixed in... don't you think?

Obviously I'm not much of a lier... Most of you were right... :D

1. grade nine… On the day we were to return out assigned world atlas's to the teacher... I presented mine... the one a nasty prick of a fellow student had ripped the inside cover out of... Alas, that cover had the school stamp-code on it. So my teacher refused to accept it, saying I had lost mine, and stolen this one. I had to pay for a replacement. I was a wee bit pissed off, considering the book was five years old to begin with and in shitty condition. So I said "fine... this is mine now?" and I tossed it in the garbage... then returned to my seat. Mr. Smithson, the department head had been walking past the class room and observed this exchange. He had a bit of a tempter I suppose... Next thing I knew I was being yanked out of my chair from behind an physically assaulted by this fuck wad. He had me in a head lock and I had no idea who it was... My necklace broke... and my patience did as well. I elbowed him as hard as I could. The result... he got in serious shit and was reassigned. I got off scott free.

2. grade ten... My best buddy in high school... Rob... was about to have the ever love'en shit beaten out of him by this big guy. His fist was the size of my head. I stepped between them as they circled in the hallway. He was fixen to beat Rob ... and I was telling him to back off... so he beat me instead. Two punches ... one to the forehead... one dead bang on my nose. Broke it something awful. The next morning I was in the hospital and the plastic surgeon had to rebreak my nose several times and in several ways to get it back into proper position. This was done with a rubber mallet and several bonks in the nose.

3. grade eleven… I loved Art and even excelled at some elements of it... but I was a pretty crummy student. I made it through high school by the skin of my teeth (and went on to excel in college and university... no really). Mrs. Davies retired from teaching about 10 years ago... She handed the slides to the teacher that replaced her and they are still used in grade 12 art at a high school here in Ottawa.

4. grade 12… Ah yes... the Swedish exchange students... This is the lie. I was actually only in grade 11 and she was in grade 12 (or whatever the Swedish equiv was for her most senior year. I did learn that phrase and I did deliver it to her... and she smiled sweetly and told me in perfect english that I was sweet... Then went back to getting picked up by some jock on the high school foot ball team. :D hahaha... (and the key was for real... it was awesome power... and I handed it to another kid when I graduated...).

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