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Earlier today I wrote a post about what I referred to as the American conundrum.
It was a platform to express some personal views on the political and conflict issues.
My initial post was[ :: here :: ]

There have been some really good points made in that thread.
One had me thinking about a response, and I wanted to post
it as a separate  entry...

So...  I'm motivated by [ :: this response to my post :: ]

... and wanted to make this entry;

WAR.... uh huh... WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?
ABSOLUTELY NUTHIN... I'll say it again...
WAR... uh huh...

Only fools rush in... This used to sound good.

But we all know that doing nothing is just as much of a fools game.
I don't begrudge the world its wars. They are part of our history, worthy of reflection and as considered elements in shaping our common course.

Sound arguments based in fact remind us that religious intolerance has been at the root of history's stories of war.  It remains, to this day, a constant source of conflict if not outright war.

Religion shares this stage with other motivations. The distribution of resources and more specifically, the sources of energy - through the ages - have also been at the heart and on the sword of conflict and war.

Religious and Commercial/Government giants achieve their goals at the expense of the faithful or common man and woman. I doubt I will live to see that change.

I blame and hold accountable the leaders of the world’s religions for their pathetic failure to find harmony.  I know that this “blame” will change nothing.

I blame and hold accountable the leaders of the world’s great powers for too often taking a short view of the future they are shaping. They raise their swords and not their intellect in the face of conflict, perceptions - real or imagined - of inequity, and worst of all... the pursuit of financial gain.
The genie is out of the bottle in so many pathways through this issue, that it is unlikely any amount of change will come about in our lifetimes.  This does not, however, mean that change is an unworthy pursuit. 

Wars have most often been won by decisive events... and where it is not so, attrition has made obvious the need to end today a fight that can be picked up again when the will, resources, or votes are available.

Those "decisive events" reflected the great advances of the age. Whether it is the overwhelming numbers brought to bear in early conflicts, the use of horses, mechanization, chemistry, or – and most notably – physics, these advances heralded the end of a battle. Each is a milestone in the history of the winning side.

We sell ourselves short when we do not keep searching for the next milestone. I believe we are not fully embracing the concept of growing beyond the need to wage a conventional war.  Information, I think is a good candidate for a mile marker. Its management and manipulation can subjugate entire populations without dropping a single "bunker buster", let alone a weapon of mass destruction. Better still, draw upon our resources to address the reasons these conflicts come to our door before they explode.  Clearly this would be difficult, but we’re smart. We’re just not motivated at the proper levels of our social and political infrastructure.

Being legally authorized to do a thing does not always make it right.  A sad but poignant example is the lowly Nazi sergeant in a concentration camp following the orders of mad men. It's the same for an elected, thus empowered, president. It's just a question of scale. No one needs to know, claim to know, or postulate on what motivated The President to invade Iraq. The President told us why. Is that reason is true? Who cares? It seems to me that it is hardly relevant any more.

A worthy cause; to have a positive impact on the proliferation of terror tactics in the expression and execution of conflict, has been mishandled and, indeed, laid aside to pursue a questionably tactical objective using conventional methods of doing battle. 

Here's the central issue.  "Conventional" has officially worn out its welcome as a descriptive adjective for WAR. 

I think there is much that can be done on the world’s geo-political landscape to coerce and otherwise force capitulation from any nation without resorting to troop transports carrying our children in one direction and their bodies in the other.  Unfortunately it's too costly and without the same expectation of a return on investment for the short sighted trans-global corporate and government interests that profit from "conventional war".

What exactly is it we think our veterans are saying when each year, in their dwindling numbers, they gather to draw our attention and whisper "never again...?”

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